Need a lift? We provide towing services to get your car in the shop and back on the road ASAP!

Transmission Services

Keeping your transmission healthy with preventative maintenance is essential to a long lasting vehicle! We provide all transmission services such as replacement, repair, or installation.


Brakes are essential to staying safe on the road - keep yourself and others safe by staying up to date on brake maintenance.


Is your vehicle not running the way it used to? We can diagnose and address why your vehicle is under performing!


Do you know the signs of an exhaust leak? If you are experiencing decreased fuel efficiency, virations, or increased engine noise you may have an exhaust leak which can be very dangerous - potentially fatal.


We carry the highest quality batteries so that you don't get stuck anywhere because of a bad battery!


Keeping your wheels in proper alignment will increase tire life, increase safety, and will make driving easier as your car won't drift to the right or left.


The shocks in your car take the brunt of the bumps on the road but they don't work as well the older they get. Stay comfortable and get your shocks replaced on time!


Snow, Ice, and road salt are very hard on vehicles. Make sure to stop in and get your car a lube job to keep your vehicle operating smoothly

Oil & Filter Change

Missing oil changes can lead to catastrophic failure. We carry the highest quality oil synthetic AMSOIL blends as well as conventional oil.

General Inspections

We perform general inspections. These inspections are very helpful to get a good scope of how a vehicle is operating now and in the future. These inspections are particularly effective when buying or selling a car.

Wheel/Tire Balance

Making sure your wheels/tires are balanced is a very effective way to prolong the life of your tires, increase fuel efficiency, and keep you safer.

A/C Check

Getting your air conditioning checked is one of the easiest ways to increase comfort in your vehicle. It can also help to keep you more healthy!

Safety Inspection

Safety inspections are a necessity to make sure your vehicle is operating safely. It includes checks to the headlights, accessory lights, directional signals, foot brake, parking brake, steering and windshield wipers.

Fluid Leaks

Overlooking fluid leaks can lead to costly repairs and more damage to your vehicle. If you vehicle is leaking fluids - please come in as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Tire Services

We carry a wide variety of brands and sizes of tires.

Clutch Overhaul

Is your clutch slipping, pedals getting harder to push? These are a couple signs that you need a clutch repair or replacement.